The Always resume setting is not working in Storyline 3

Nov 18, 2020

Hello! Since few days ago I'm having some troubles with the Always resume function. I publish the course for AICC and when I exit and re-enter it opens in the first slide, not in the last visited, as was expected. I'm working with update 11: 3.11.23355.0. Any suggestion?


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Katie Riggio

Hi Nuria,

I'm happy to troubleshoot with you!

If you're hosting AICC published output on a server that's separate from the LMS, you may be facing an AICC cross-domain limitation. You'll need to add a file to the published output to resolve the issue. Here's how:

If that doesn't help, are you comfortable with sharing the source file? We can test the resume feature in another LMS environment! You can use this private link. 

Nuria Alv

Hi Katie,

thanks for your help. Unfortunately, the proposal is not working for me,
but I've found a solution in this link:

But, the file that must be modified is now Scormdrivers.js instead of
Configuration.js (that seems not to be included in the export anymore).

On the other hand, I take advantage to ask you another question:
I have many problems when exporting texts to translate to Word. I have
tried to follow all the instructions I have found in the forums (repair
Storyline 3, save the file in the same directory as the original...), but
nothing works and the error Exception has been thrown by the target of an
invocation pops-up when the exportation. Could you help me?

Many thanks for your attention!

Lauren Connelly

Hello Nuria!

Thank you for sharing the steps you've taken! It sounds like you're noticing these issues with a specific file. Would you mind allowing us to take a look at the project? If so, can you upload the .story file privately using this link? We'll take a look at the project and reply with additional troubleshooting steps.

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