The Day Flash Died

Jul 14, 2015

The days when Adobe Flash is going to be used by browsers seems to be dwindling. Steve Jobs must have known something about Flash to want to get rid of it long ago and there are renewed calls for blocking it and getting rid of it completely.

Are there plans from Articulate to beef up the HTML5 side of things? I'm not happy with the output of HTML5 and was just wondering what will happen with Storyline the day that Adobe Flash is dead?

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Emily Ruby

Hi Joseph,

I understand your concerns. We are continuing to work on improving the HTML5 side of things. In the most recent update, we did correct a good bit of issues with HTML5. So hopefully going forward we will continue to improve the overall performance.

If you are referring to the recent Firefox issue, you can read our documented information here.

Justin Wilcox

Hi Joseph. 

We have a dedicated team focused on HTML5 as well as dedicated teams focused on playback via the Articulate Mobile Player. While we can't speak to future releases, we are aware of the decisions being made that impact the ability of web browsers to display Flash content and are actively working to make sure that our content will work on all major web browsers. 

Sarah Ednay

I, with much regret, gave up using Storyline about 18 months ago. Really lovely piece of software, easy to learn and use and creates lovely content, I really enjoyed using it.
But sadly I realised I was just investing time in creating content that was going to become obsolete. Its published output options are unfit for the current world. Lack of any even glimpses of a roadmap have left customers in the dark for too long. I lost trust, so moved away. It's all promises and no results. The way I feel about Articulate is like you might about a favourite Uncle, fun and quirky, but living in the past. We've also moved away from this type of elearning, so it sort of feels like the death of elearning too when a market leader can't find a way forward.

But I do have old Storyline assets that are becoming harder and harder to support and are fast sliding into being unusable. It's a burden. I have some projects that are for 'trainer use only' and need to be run offline and presented full screen size on a big screen. Would love to be able to publish as pure html.... oh, and for them to work :)

The latest Flash 23 issue is just another nail in the coffin. Lots of workarounds and yes that's fine on my own PC but I can't control it for my partners/trainers around the world... it is too much tech demand on them and reflects badly on us (even tho its not our fault and not exactly Articulates either). Lovely easy software and then all this tech expertise required to make it work.... 

Has anyone else come up with a Storyline look-alike that has better publishing options? Or any good way of importing Storyline into another authoring tool (the proprietary-ness of it was another reason for my move away)?

Justin Grenier

I'm really sorry for the trouble, Sarah.  We know the answer is to devote our resources to an HTML5-first/HTML5-only world, and our focus is on that very thing as we speak.

While we welcome collaboration from the community here as well (including discussion of our competition), I don't think you'll find much support for exchanging source projects across various tools.

Please feel free to get in touch with our team if we can help in any way with the current Flash 23 debacle, and thanks very much for contributing to our community!

Sarah Ednay

Hi Justin

Sorry, I think the frustration of doing IT support, when I'd rather be doing the fun creative stuff, got the better of me.  It's Apple I blame anyway. I guess the level of frustration you see at times over this has a good element .... after all we wouldn't get frustrated if it wasn't basically a good product we want to keep, use and have work seamlessly.  

Like a few others I solved part of my immediate problem using sharepoint; tho it is more difficult when trainers have no net access. Thanks.

But I'm sure when you do get it sorted with a Story 3/new product (?) it will be the market leading option ....and as long as we can import older stuff into whatever you produce and output it in flash free html then we'll all be happy again. But errrr........ soon please :)

Bruce Stacy

I am hoping that Storyline2 is going to seriously address the issue of Flash, as if not, within the next few weeks I will have to change software after having been a happy user for the last 18 months.

I am with the government here in Canada, and all Flash is being replaced, removed, no longer accepted on our servers due to security concerns. 

Is there anything you can provide on what Articulate is doing and what are your timeframes for providing a final response to the Flash issue? 



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Stacy, 

Thanks for reaching out here and sharing your insight and business needs. As you'll see from Justin's last response, we've been working on a shift towards HTML5 and it's something our team continues to work on. We'll post information in the forums as soon as we're able, and I also just wanted to let you know that responding via email includes your signature here so you're welcome to edit the post and remove that information.

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