The Death of Internet Explorer and Data Limits with Edge and Chrome

Hello Community! Our team is running into an issue and need some help. We have 200+ assessments, all built with the same format: 20 question draw, built so that if they don't pass with 90%, they're allowed a second attempt.

We publish in SCORM 2004, v2 using Storyline 360 because we need to have the question-level data where we can see responses to individual questions. Our IT is migrating away from Internet Explorer and we've identified a big limitation with Edge & Chrome (which are built on the same engine). Unfortunately, we cannot use any other browsers.

Here's the problem: when the course completes, the completion data is transmitted back to our LMS. Internet Explorer did not have any limits on how much data can be sent back. Chrome and Edge both cap that limit at 64,000 kb, which is not much. In our testing, none of our assessments fall under that limit. If we convert to SCORM 1.2, we stay under the limit but lose the question-level data that we need.

Has anyone had this same problem? Any suggestions for workaround or a way to compress the data Storyline is sending back?  I've attached an example of the file for reference. Thank you!

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Judy Nollet

64,000 characters should be more than enough to store the data. My guess is you're having problems because you're publishing for SCORM 2004 v2. That limits the suspend/resume data to 4000 characters. Switching to v3 or v4 should solve the problem. 

Here are the limits (as per ):


Thanks, Judy! Would the suspend come in to play, even if I'm not stopping mid-course? Our users take the course straight through and aren't allowed to stop and come back later. In our testing, the data sent back ranges from 63,000 - 145,000 depending on the question types and how many attempts it takes them. I'll have to follow up with our LMS and see if they support 2004 v3/4.  

Judy Nollet

Hmmm. Good question. I know that the data limits apply to what can be stored for resuming the course. But, alas, I can't say for sure whether they apply to what the LMS will accept re: course completion.

Well, fortunately, Maria has put you in touch with the support team. They should be able to give you a definitive answer. When they do, you should add it as a comment so it's available to others for future reference. 

Best wishes!