The Problem With Storyline Web Objects

Sep 24, 2015

I've run into a big stumbling block that’s turning out to have a major impact on the services I'm able to offer to clients. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure the only solution would require a software update from Articulate.

Studio is awesome. Storyline is awesome. They are each amazingly powerful in their own ways. I want to combine their power, but cannot for a very silly reason.

I purchased Storyline 2 because I was under the impression that I could build Storyline interactions and include them in Presenter presentations. And the web object method promises a way, at least for Flash-based training.

The problem I have with this method is that there's no good way to get the learner to the next slide in the Presenter presentation once they have completed an embedded Storyline activity. It would be a game changer if there were some new feature or hack that allowed an embedded Storyline activity to tell Presenter to advance to the next slide.

If this were the case, I’d be telling everyone to buy both Studio and Storyline to maximize their efficiency and creativity.

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Andy Lundquist

Thanks for the idea, Phil. I rely on a lot of design and development features in PowerPoint & Presenter that Storyline lacks. My trainings are very dynamic, incorporating hundreds of animated photos, graphics, and video clips all carefully synced to audio. The Studio apps really excel at this, whereas the cue point workflow in Storyline is much more time consuming and limiting. I wish I could use both.

Mike B.


I'm not familiar with Presenter at all, but does it have the "Insert Video from Website" feature that SL has? If so, you could attempt to insert your SL project as an iframe instead of a web object. If that works, it should give you access to the "parent" Presenter project through javascript, allowing you to change variables that would set off triggers (if they exist in Presenter) that would advance the presentation.

That is similar to what I did in this thread when I embedded a video in an iframe in SL from a 3rd party website, and used javascript within the iframe to detect the end of the video and automatically advance the SL slide.



Andy Lundquist

Mike, thank you for your suggestion. Presenter does have the option to insert a video from a website, but it works exactly the same as inserting a web object. (They both use iframes.) In Storyline, variables and triggers can be used to advance slides, but these don’t exist in Presenter. Articulate did away with their API when they released Studio 13, to the frustration of many customers.

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