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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tania, 

What Android device, browser, and OS are you using? Also, when you mention slower - do you mean slower to load or playback? 

Also, have you enabled the prompt to resume or set it to always resume in Storyline? That's the piece that would allow the course to pick up where the user left off, as long as the LMS respects that setting. 

If you're able to share a link here, we can also test on a few different devices and network speeds!

Tatiana Nikolaeva

Hi Ashley!

Thanks for your answer.

The problem is on all Android phones I tried. Browser - Google Chrome. For IOS and desktop Windows it works correctly.

Settings for resume:
Always resume
Checkmark - When running in LMS, ignore Flash cookie.

When I start the course in LMS from any Android phone I can see the correct time. But when I close the window and restart it starts from title page.

Sorry, I can't publish my course here because of NDA. I wanted to create a short copy for publishing here. So I deleted most slides and left few slides, then I deleted most text from there. And this copy works correctly on Android!

I even don't know where the mistake could be...


Tatiana Nikolaeva

So I tested the course and got new information:

1. When I start from Windows desktop and revisit from Windows desktop the progress is saved.

2. When I start from Android and revisit from Android the progress is not saved.

3. When I start from Windows desktop and revisit from any device the progress is saved on both: Windows desktop and Android.

Thank you for any suggestions!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tania,

Thanks for that additional info.

Also, what update of Storyline 2 are you using? Storyline 2's latest update is Update 12 available here.  It specifically added support for newer versions of Chrome on Android devices. 

If you're not able to share here, you may also want to look at testing it in another LMS to see if that is having an impact on your resume behavior. We recommend SCORM Cloud because it's a free, industry standard. 

If you could share privately, our Support Engineers are also available to take a look. You can reach out to them here, and they're able to sign an NDA if needed.

Tatiana Nikolaeva

Hi, Ashley!

Thank you for the recommendations!

I updated AS up to Update 12. I checked the course with Updater (it finds 0 items to update). I updated Chome on Android up to the last version.

I use ScormCloud.

The result is the same. Progress is not saved on Android and saved on desktops.

I have to get information from my customer if I could send the course to the support engineers.

Thank you!

Tatiana Nikolaeva

Hi, Ashley!

It could seem strange but I checked an idea that there is a bug in the course. So I checked how it works without each slide. And one slide caused that problem!

So I deleted that slide an created new. Now everything works well in ScormCloud. Waiting for customer's testing results.

Maybe it will help someone else.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tania,

Not strange at all! A corrupt slide could definitely throw off the completion or access to the course, so I'm glad you found that and were able to republish. 

Narrowing down a corrupt slide is a labor-intensive process, so to help prevent future corruption keep these guidelines in mind.