The project files becomes corrupt, is there a way to salvage the file.


We at Wipro Limited (India) use Articulate Storyline 1 and Articulate Storyline 2 for e-learning development. However, lately we have been facing issues with both the versions. The files become corrupt and unusable; therefore, leaving us with no choice but to start the modules from scratch.

When a project is corrupt we are not able to view the images or the video files that have been added to the file. 

In Storyline 2 we have noticed that a corrupt file would have a red "X" mark right across the slide when we attempt to edit or add something to the file.

Is this a common issue with Storyline? Do we need to make some changes in settings or set-up to resolve the issue? 

Would request your intervention to help us with this at the earliest! 



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Himadri Roy


We have attempted the following steps:

1. Deleted the slide and created it again, no go.

2. Closed the file, restarted the system and worked on it again. But still no go.

3. Attempted to import the file in a new project but did not help.

The only solution to this problem that we have found is

1. By uninstalling Storyline and installing it again

2. By re-creating the file from scratch and saving a copy after fixed intervals


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Himadri,

I'm sorry to hear about your files. You'll want to review the guidelines here in regards to working on your .story files to help prevent future corruption, and you may want to look at importing the files into a new project as detailed here to recover any elements, but unfortunately once a file becomes corrupt there is not a way to reverse that.  Both of those links are for Storyline 2, but the same situation applies for Storyline 1.