Theme Fonts can't be applied automatically or manually to captions

Nov 13, 2015


My theme fonts are beautifully applied to my slide masters and all slides. However, when I add a caption to a slide the font defaults to Open Sans-12pt. When I select the text in the caption and attempt to change it to one of my theme fonts, the Open Sans-12pt font remains.

Why can't I change the font in a caption? Or, can I?

Thank you in advance!

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I just noticed that I can change the font to any except for the custom fonts my client sent me that I had to install. This only occurs in captions. I tested it - when I change it to another font like Adobe Clean, it works. Then when I attempt to change it to the custom font, it changes back to Open Sans. Does this situation ring any bells for you? I'm stumped. For you to test it, I 'd have to send you the custom font, which would be in violation of my NDA...I think!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cindy,

If you're able to use the font in other parts of Storyline, I'd suspect that you're also able to use it in a caption - if you're running into trouble with this I suspect that we'd need to take a look at the font, which if you're able to share privately you can send it along here to our Support team and they can sign an NDA if needed. 

Pernille Ravnskov

I'm having a similar problem, but with standard Calibri font. I can change everywhere except in Captions on additional slide layers?? In Slidelayeres all i get is Open Sans. Any suggestions?

(Open Sans looks really dumb when you have danish lettering (æ, ø) because there is an extra space in front of the æ or ø. Imagine everytime you wrote an specific letter, the text makes an extra pause...

the text m akes   an extr a p ause

just saying)


Pernille Ravnskov

Thank you for a fast reply! Unfortunately I cannot send you any file examples as I'm working a secured offline environment.

I have found a way to change it - If I mark the text "the old fashioned way" using my cursor, in the editing window that pops up next to the curser I can then change font using the drop-down. When I've done that once (to that particular piece of text) I can later change it/adjust it just marking everything on the slide. It's a long way around, but it works.

The experience makes me think twice before starting my next project, about fonts, theme etc. :)

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