There is no "Required" drop-down for my graded questions

Oct 20, 2023

I am experiencing an issue where learners can skip questions throughout an e-learning. I would like to make them required (so it skips back to the unanswered questions if they try to submit).

I do not see a "Required" drop-down for my questions in Storyline (see screenshot).


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Jose Tansengco

Hello Rebecca,

Happy to help!

By default, your learners should see this window when submitting an unanswered question: 

You can test this by opening a new Storyline 360 project file, inserting any graded question slide, and then previewing it and attempting to submit the question without selecting any of the answer choices.

If your learners are able to skip through the question, there's a possibility that you have triggers present in your slide that navigates the learners away when activated. Would you be willing to share a copy of your project file here or in private by opening a support case so we can take a closer look your triggers? We'll delete it when we're done testing!

Rebecca Mogollon

Hi Jose, thank you so much! If they see the question, and then try to continue on, it will give that error. But if they use the left menu to click on the next module, it will let them pass the question, and then when they finish the other quiz questions throughout the module, it will just mark those questions as wrong. I did change the quiz settings to "only grade viewed questions" but I would rather them answer all the questions. Thank you for your help!

Jose Tansengco

Hello Rebecca,

If you'd like to prevent your learners from advancing through your course using the menu, you can consider setting the navigation of your course to either 'Restricted' or 'Locked'. 

Doing so will prevent your learners from using the menu to skip sections of the course and will instead require them to complete slides one at a time before advancing forward.