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Aug 20, 2013

Where do you go for help when you don't get it from your LMS? 

We build our courses in Storyline, same settings all the time. We always publish them the same and upload them to the LMS in the same way. I know without a doubt that the courses are working as they are designed to in Storyline because they work for most of the users. But then there are other users that continue to have trouble with the courses completing. And it's not at all consistent. 

I have numerous examples, but I will try to keep this short for the sake of the forum. I'm really here trying to find a resource to help us. And maybe I just need to list out each problem separately and let people answer in the forum itself, but I don't think that's what I need. 

We have courses that won't report to the LMS as they should, but not for every user. And then there are times when a course won't report correctly to the LMS, but then the user can take the course immediately again and it works fine. I've tested in the SCORM cloud and the courses work as they are supposed to. They are sending the correct data to the LMS. But then, at what seems like random times, complete data isn't sent to the LMS. 

I'm limited in my knowledge of troubleshooting these issues. I've only been working with the LMS for 2 years and with Storyline for even less time. No one in our office has any further ideas than I've had. 

I don't know if other people face these problems and are able to fix them or if it's just me. I also don't know if it's an issue between Storyline and the LMS. If they aren't compatible and we need to find a new LMS, I would like to know that rather than continue to be frustrated. I feel like I'm trying to fix something that maybe can't even be fixed. 

Anyone have any ideas of where to get help? I would appreciate it more than I can say with words. Every day is becoming a headache around here, and unfortunately that's starting to weigh on me. 

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Dave Neuweiler

In my experience, when a course passes muster in the SCORM Cloud, and works as expected for a number of users(but not others), the problem is neither the LMS or the SCO. It's more likely a browser issue. I think I'd poll the users who have experience problems, and find out what browser they are using, and whether popups are blocked. If a pattern shows up, you'll have a starting point to troubleshoot.

Simon Ray

Hi all

I think Dave has nailed at least one aspect here.  My organisation experiences similar issues, and we have found that while the LMS is optimised for IE, Firefox works better and Safari even better still.  I'm not sure why this is the case.

It's very frustrating when you can't replicate the issues being experienced by the learners, you tend to do circles trying to see what can be done.

Jill Blaser

Thanks, all! I guess I'm on the right track then. I was assuming it wasn't an LMS or SCO issue because of my testing results in the SCORM Cloud. I took the advice of Phil Mayor and starting sending the link to users who are experiencing the errors. My problem has been getting users to reply and be honest with me about how they take the course. I have not been able to recreate any errors so that's a frustration. 

I think maybe I am looking for some kind of guidelines that don't exist.  I would love to tell my users to use a certain browser and version and have specific settings on their computer and the course will work 100% of the time. But I think that might be too easy!

I'll keep doing what I'm doing for now.  Maybe I just need to be patient. Not my strongest quality! 

Bob S


I will go a step further and say in a situation like yours, it's almost ALWAYS a browser issue. We have faced this very issue with completions several times.

Hard work though it is, you need to survey the users having issues and find out a couple of things....

  • What browswer and version are they running
  • Is scripting enabled (most common issue - javascript is often used to execture that)
  • Is their JAVA version up to date (many LMSs use JAVA)

Often times in browsers like IE, it can be solved by making your LMS domain a "Trusted Site" which enables scripting for example. Other times you may have to have them run in compatibility mode. And other times still, even though your LMS provider says it plays nice with a certain browser, the combination of certain courseware and that LMS are not friendly to browsers like Chrome or Safari.

If they can see the coure, navigate it, etc but not register completion.... most often it's a scripting issue being blocked by the browser.

Hope this helps,


Leslie McKerchie

Bob, thanks for popping in with some additional information/tips for Jill!

Hi Sandhya and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! I'm not sure that I'm following. So, what error are the users encountering that should prompt the pop-up to occur? The article states: After enabling this feature, users will be alerted that their data cannot be committed to the LMS if an error occurs when the content is attempting to save their data to the LMS.

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