Tie layers to slide video

Dec 15, 2020

I'm finding that I'd like to have triggers based on cue points in the video on the slide instead of the timeline of the slide.

I haven't worked with this much, but it seems that the slide timeline might differ from the timing in the video I inserted on the slide.

I have review questions that I have on layers to show up when the video hits __ seconds (which pauses the video). It does this 4 times. My question is this: if a person would like to pause the video, does it also pause the timeline of the slide, so the layers still show at the correct time? Also, when revisiting the course, if a student uses the seekbar to go forward a few minutes, does the layer still appear at the same time?

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Walt Hamilton

Actually, the video and the slide have separate timelines. The only real method of tying them together is not to show the video timeline, and start the video when the slide timeline starts. Put a filled shape with 100% transparency over the video, so the learner can't click on it (which pauses it without pausing the slide timeline).

Then whenever you pause the slide timeline, the video is pauses, and they will always stay together. If you want the learner to pause the video, you will need to create objects with triggers that pause and resume the timeline.

If you want to pause it, you can still use the cue points.