Timed Quiz - Review button not review all questions in a question bank

Jul 20, 2022

We have 54 questions in a question bank. The learner has 10 minutes to complete the quiz. If the learner times out and does not complete all 54 questions, when they hit "Review" they only see the questions they answered. We need them to see all 54 questions that are in the question bank, so they understand why the failed the quiz. This quiz has been live for a year and have not had this issue in the past. Was there some sort of update? 

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Jose Tansengco

Hi Aimee,

Can I ask which version of Storyline 360 did you last use to publish a version of your course that did not display the reported behavior? I tried testing a similar setup using Storyline 360 Update 47 (December 15, 2020 release) and in my tests, only the questions that the learner has answered appeared during the review of the quiz after timing out. Here's a recording of one of my tests. 

In my project file: 

  • I had a question bank with 3 questions. All questions were included from the draw. 
  • The quiz is timed, with a limit of 1 minute

And to test, I previewed the entire project, answered only the first question, and then allowed the quiz to timeout. You'll notice in the video that only the questions that I viewed were included in the review. I've also attached the file that I used for testing. Please go through my file and recording and let me know if there is anything I should change in my testing to be able to observe the behavior that you are reporting.  

Aimee Pellegrino

Hi Joe!

Thanks for the response. I had a chance to review. I think the difference I'm still noticing with your version is that all of the slides are still being viewed. If you had 5 questions and timed out on the 3rd one (therefore viewing only 3 slides), would you be able to see question 4 and 5 in the review? That's we're looking to accomplish. People aren't realizing that there were additional questions past where they timed out, which causes confusion about their score. 

Jose Tansengco

Hi Aimee, 

With 5 questions in a question bank and a total of only 3 slides viewed, I was only able to view those 3 questions during review. My tests in earlier versions show similar behavior as well, which means that is is the expected behavior for learners to be able to view only the questions that they've seen during review mode

Since you'd like the behavior of review mode to cover all of the questions included in the question bank, I'd recommend raising this as a feature request to our product team here