Hi does anyone have any glitch issues with the timeline? If I move the timeline I have created in storyline in a linear way its fine but its I move it erratically back and fore it sometimes goes beyond the timeline or completely off it altogether so maybe you cant see the first or last part of the timeline.

See review for what I mean, move the timeline back and forth and its inconsistent



Ps the timeline slide is the 3rd slide in after video and animation sides

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Neil. I'm seeing a couple of issues that we have documented happening with your course:

  • The states of objects associated with the slider behave erratically when the slider is moved back and forth quickly.
  • When clicking the slider thumb and then dragging the mouse cursor away and outside the player, the slider thumb "sticks" to the cursor and moves even when you aren't dragging the slider.

I'm going to tag your discussion for updates on these issues. If you move the slider more purposefully and are still seeing issues, please let me know so we can dig in!

Crystal Horn

Neil, it looks like this course was built with update 23 for Storyline 360. Could you update Storyline 360 to the latest version and republish the course? I'd like to see if there's any improvement.

If you can't perform the update, feel free to share your .story file here with me, and I can run it through the latest version. You can just include the single slide if you'd like. Thank you!