timeline bug

Sep 12, 2012

I am not sure if it is a bug or a feature.

All my objects display persistently on the storyline app story board ( main work area). Even when they don't occupy space on the timeline at a particular frame.

In other words, if I move the playhead on the timeline I would expect images to display or not display on the main work area like they are presented on the timeline.

How do I turn that effect off. Its almost like the onion effect in flash.

Plus, if I have 2 images. One to display for 5 seconds and the second to display after the first image, can I have them not take up 2 layers on the timeline? It seems like a wast of space.


Randy Collier

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Eric Rohrer

I noticed this during beta and unfortunately, you cannot "scrub" the timeline and see all of your animations enter/exit by grabbing the playhead. Instead, you have to click play to watch the animations happen. I've also noticed that if I place the playhead to a point in the timeline and press play that not all my animations play.

The ability to scrub the timeline back and forth and get a real-time scrub view (like Camtasia) would be an awesome feature.

Lisa Pastoor

I'm having the same issue. This makes it extremely difficult to edit and add objects at a specific time when I can't see them because the other objects are still showing.

So, I have to go in and turn all these objects off with the eyeball and there's no "turn all off" button, so I have to go in individually and do it. AND remember to turn them all back on before I preview the file.

I'm thinking it might be easier to put each object into a separate layer and have them triggered to display/hide at a specific time marker on the timeline.

Anyone have any BETTER ideas?

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