Timeline Interface - visually challenging in SL2

As a new user to SL2, I have an observation.  The visual display of the timeline has been very difficult for me to see.  The very faint blue (object) next to the white timeline makes it so difficult to see.  I have had some eye health issues this last year, and this color palette has made it very difficult. 

Next, I am working with many  layers and this time I can't seem to drag my timeline to a shorter duraiton.  I suspect there is an object that is causing this --- the "timing" option when I right click is not always available to me. 

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Hannah Hawkins

Hi Terra,

I'm not sure if you can do anything to change the visual display of the timeline, but regarding the duration issue on your layers I suspect you have an object that you need to set as 'show until end'. This should be available for all items on the timeline when you right-click on them. Might be worth checking that you haven't accidentally locked the item on the timeline too as this would prevent you from right-clicking on it.