Timeout problems on SuccessFactors

Aug 15, 2016

While I know this is not directly a Storyline issue, I'm asking anyway, for others must have met the same problem and worked on it:

When we post our productions on iContent / SuccessFactors, there is a timeout that prevents users from completing the courses. We don't know the exact time yet, but it might be 20 minutes or so. If users are interrupted in the middle of an eLearning module by phone calls or other urgent business, they can continue where they left off - but the course cannot be registered as completed in SuccessFactors, and they have to take it again to get properly counted.

We'd like to increase the timeout, but that's apparently a global setting for all SuccessFactors users, and thus we cannot count on this to happen.

Have others here met the same problem - and what kind of solutions / workarounds have you used?

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Glen Murdock

Here's a KBA that should help: https://apps.support.sap.com/sap/support/knowledge/public/en/2093317

As well, these are the steps from the KBA in case you can't access it:

1. In the Admin side, navigate to System Admin > Configuration > System Configuration > Authentication

 2. Search for the httpSessionTimeout configuration and update as appropriate.

Be aware that the default value is 1800 seconds, which means 30 minutes. When you change don’t forget to select Apply Changes in order for the changes to become effective.

Scott Lindstrom

Glen gives good info above but with SuccessFactors Learning, the primary reason the LMS timeout while a user is taking a course is because the user has closed either the LMS window or the LMS’ course window. 

In our case, SF is launched from our intranet. Once people launch the course, they'll go to another page within the intranet which changes from the SF Content structure page and at that point you break the LMS keep alive feature. You can get the full 30 minutes but only if you keep the SuccessFactors launch page open while you are taking the course. :-) 

Glen Murdock

That would then be a PEBKAC error requiring the user to fill out an ID-10-T form to regain access to the LMS!

If the user closes, refreshes or navigates away from the page that has this warning in a yellow box on it, there might be a meta-problem at play:

"Do not close, refresh, or navigate from this page while you are working with online content. Some content may rely on this window to save your progress.

When you have completed the content, you can relaunch the content or use the menus or the links below to navigate elsewhere."

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