Tin Can API: Way to have CMI.INTERACTION submitted AND not mark completion until quiz is passed?

Jan 14, 2021

Hi all,

For our courses, we publish to Tin Can. Let's say I have a 5-question quiz; I like to have those CMI.INTERACTION statements sent, but I also want completion to be sent ONLY when the quiz is passed. In the past, I've done this by using a result page for the quiz (so CMI.INTERACTION statements are sent), then having a blank result slide after, where completion is marked. 

With the new Storyline update, I can no longer do this. With the new LMS tracking, if I leave both results slide active, it marks completion on the first results slide regardless of score. If I turn off the first results slide, I no longer receive CMI.INTERACTION statements because Storyline deactivates the trigger to Submit Results for the first slide. Is this something anyone else has experienced? Any tips? Do I just need to meet with my LMS team to change the logic there?

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Lindsey!

I appreciate you writing in and sharing a file with our Support Engineers for testing. You took the right steps!

To recap Ronaziel's findings:

  • Behavior: This experience matches an open issue in Storyline 360 where quiz interactions are not reported in the LMS when the final result slide has combined tracking for ungraded and graded assessments.
  • Workaround: This bug isn't present in Storyline 360 Update 43. You can work around it by temporarily installing this version. Here's how.

We'll notify you on all fronts as soon as we know more. Thank you for bearing with us.