Tracking by Number of Viewed Slides not registering Completion in LMS

I'm having a problem with a course that I have set to track using number of slides viewed. In courses tracked by slides viewed, I usually drop the minimum number of slides viewed by a few, to avoid an issue with a learner who skips a slide or two when the content covered is prior knowledge. In the case of this course, there are only 7 slides, including a quiz and a results slide. I set the minimum number of slides to be viewed to 5. The LMS is not marking the course complete, even when all slides have been visited. I'm publishing using SCORM 2004. They Slide Properties and Triggers for the final slide of this course are exactly the same as for the prerequisite course, which behaves normally upon completion. I've attached a screen shot. Can anyone think of anything I'm doing wrong?

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Stephanie Spiegel

Thanks, Christoph. I gave your suggestion a shot and still no luck. In fact, I tried republishing the course using the quiz results slide for completion. Even when I pass the test get no credit for completing the course. Should I conclude the Storyline file is corrupt? Could it be a problem with the LMS?

Stephanie Spiegel


Only since I created a case about this issue have I learned about the SCORM Cloud. Before being contacted by support with instructions to publish to the cloud, I resolved the issue by creating a percentage results slide and tracking by quiz result instead. In the future, I will use the SCORM Cloud for troubleshooting. Thanks for letting me know about it.

Marta Burda

Hi, I have a similar problem.

I have a 19-slide course. When I set tracking to 19 of 19 or 18 of 19 the status is messed up (incomplete). But when I set tracking to 1 of 19 the status is correct (completed).

Do you guys have any idea what can be the reason behind such odd bahaviour?

My lms is Chamilo. I have the newest update of SL2.