Tracking Completion of YouTube Videos

Nov 01, 2016

Is it possible to track the completion of a YouTube video either in Storyline II or in an LMS?    More specifically, I want the user to have to watch an entire YouTube video before being allowed to proceed to other modules.  I also have situations when the learner is required to watch a video before they receive credit.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Rachel Barnum

You can embed the Youtube video into Storyline, then place an almost-transparent square over it (like at 99%) so the learner is unable to use the controls in the video.

Extend the timeline in Storyline to the length of the video. You can then make it so they're unable to click next until the end of the timeline.

I would recommend having a slide before the video explaining what they're about to watch, to put on their headphones, etc. so they're not launched straight into a video unprepared.

Julie Stout-Matthews

Thank you, Owen. Great idea!

My issue is with YouTube videos that have to be put in as Web Objects. If I could embed them into the Storyline II title, it would allow me to do what you have in this example (which would be great).

I will most likely have videos to embed in the future so this example will come in handy.

Thanks so much!


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Robert Edgar

I agree Will, except that some courses have legal compliance requirements that are not in terms of knowledge transmission, but rather in terms of completion of delivery. It shouldn't be that way, but that's how it is. This is a real need for Storyline, which is a courseware authoring and delivery tool.