Tracking doesn't update with IE11

Hi everyone,

Recently, I noticed that my Storyline 360 export doesn't update the tracking in my LMS, in IE11 only (it works on Chrome, Edge and Firefox)

I use the following characteristics :

- SCORM 2004 - 4th edition 

- Flash/HTML (if I use "HTLM" or "HTML/Flash" the module doesn't work at all)

- Complete/Success (if I use another statu, tracking doesn't work either on Chrome and EDGE)

I use the last update of Storyline 360, Flash is updated and IE11 too.

Did anyone have this problem before ?

Thank you !

Have a nive day !

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Equipe Technique ANEMA

Hello Lauren,

Thank you for your answer.

As far as I know, the LMS doesn't have a preferred browser. I just asked the question, I will come back to you with the answer.
In addition, the old courses work perfectly on both IE11 and Chrome. Only the new exported courses don't update the tracking on IE11.