Oct 08, 2014

We used the Zend Framework to develop a php based website to host our Articulate Storyline courses. The problem is that we have not found a way to easily integrate a xApi compliant LRS. Is there any other way than publishing to a LMS that we can gain access to the variables used to track performance on a Storyline course?

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Kevin Thorn

Hi Dujon,

I have no immediate answer, but I'd recommend posting your question in the xAPI Spec or Learning Locker Google Group. There's a LOT of great thinkers and brains in these groups.

Learning Locker:!forum/learning-locker

xAPI Specifications!forum/xapi-spec

If you need specific help on implementing an LRS, there are several companies that also may be able to help.



Additionally, there are several independent consultants who deal specifically with xAPI and LRSs as well.

Hope some of this gets you pointed in the right direction.

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