Tracking Individual Question Results

Mar 21, 2013

Hey everyone,

 Is there a way to track individual responses to questions without adding a variable and trigger on every question slide? I want to be able to display a report at the end which will tell them their results for each question which they can print. Any help is appreciated. I think I can do this with the variables and triggers but it will take a while to set up and if I can do it a different way, I want to try it first.

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Anna Veach

OK, here's a semi related question. I have some assessment questions which have multiple correct answers and in order to receive credit for the question, they need to choose all of the correct answers. So do I need to create a condition that will only allow the trigger to add value to the variable when all three are chosen instead of creating three separate triggers to add value? Does that make sense?

Or is there a way to set a condition to have the trigger add value to the variable when the question is answered correctly based on the "Submit interaction Multiple Response" player trigger, because that should score the answer correct or incorrect already, right? Or am I just asking the same question over again?

Anna Veach

I think I figured it out! I just added conditions to one trigger that all the correct answers had to be equal to State Selected. Then I had it add the value of 5 points for that trigger. I also added a trigger to reset the ResultsSlide score on the first slide of the course. I'm not too worried about the variables getting counted twice because I took the Next buttons away so they can't revisit a question.

So far, on a quick test of the first three questions, this seems to work pretty well. I added a text box reference to the variable so I can see if it changed or reset.

All of this is thanks to the training reference material I received when I went to the 3 day Storyline Training presented by Yukon Learning back in February! I highly recommend that training! (It was listed on the Articulate website as a training opportunity for Storyline)

Thanks for your awesome forum and for creating an awesome tool in Storyline!


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