Mar 07, 2014

Dear Articulate Storyline forum-visitors,

The transitions and all look great, but I wish to know if I can make it pop out of a certain part of the previous slide using the grow entrance animation. Could anyone help me with that? Thanks

Kind regards,

Hans Dulpers

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Hans,

You can get that effect by using a "masking" shape. Take a look at slide 1 in the attached. The illustrated character appears to slide up directly from the frame, but that's because I have a masking rectangle under the frame. The masking rectangle has the same fill as the slide background, with no lines.

The one caveat with this: it doesn't work as well if your background is in gradients, since it's more difficult to "match" the colors.

BTW, the other 2 slides in this story show 2 other ways to simulate motion in Storyline.

Please shout out with any questions.

Hans Dulpers

Hey there, Rebecca

Slide 1 looks like it's exactly what I need, but seeing as my background is a screenshot of the last frame of a video, I'd have to get hairy with screenshots and who-knows-what. A viable solution, but perhaps a tad too much work.

Slide 2, on the other hand, looks much easier. It looks applicable because of the way the arrows fade in. I changed it to grow to test around a bit and it worked like I wanted. The problem, however, is that the next slide in my own project has to go fullscreen from a certain part of the screen of the previous slide.

Slide 3 contains something very interesting: motion paths. This motion path thing might be what I'm looking for for a different problem. Do you know any videos that further explain how to make a motion path?

EDIT: To "visualize" it, here is the image I have and an explanation of what I'm trying to do.

What I'm trying to do is for the next slide (which is a video) to grow out of the middle of the computer screen, as if we're seated in front of the computer.

Furthermore I wish to know if it's possible to have a fade-to-black transition.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Hans,

Regarding instructions on creating motion paths, they are created in PowerPoint. I did a quick Google search and came up with 3 links...I'm sure there are more out there.

Design motion paths

Animations II: motion paths

Motion Paths in PowerPoint

After you create them, you save them out as a video file and import them into Storyline.

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by the video growing out of the computer on the next screen, but have you thought about using a grow animation?

And in terms of a fade-to-black transition, SL doesn't have a FTB slide transition, but you can create that effect with black rectangles. So, re the attached.


  • Inserted your image onto slide 1.
  • Placed a full slide-size (540 x 720) black rectangle, no lines, transparency arbitrarily at the 3 second mark (it's a 5-second slide) and added a Fade in animation, Very Slow, from current position.
  • Set the slide to advance automatically
  • Inserted your image again onto slide 1.
  • Placed the same rectangle on slide 2 at 0 and its onscreen for 1 second, fades out very slow.
  • Inserted a movie (a default one that comes with Windows) at 1 second. I wanted to rotate it to match the tilt of the monitor, but videos can't be rotated, so
  • Inserted a shape to place the video in, made it 100% transparent with no lines, and rotated it. Then I grouped the video with the rectangle shape. In SL it doesn't look right on the editing screen; you have to preview it.
  • Set the movie and rectangle to grow slow.

So, it's pretty rough, but it may at least get you started, or start a conversation with others in the community.

Hans Dulpers

Hey there, Rebecca

This link navigates to the URL where my video is being hosted. Perhaps it will help clarify my case more specifically. What you have is basically what I want, except that I want the next video to come out of the computer screen and go fullscreen, as if we are being seated on the very chair the man is sitting on. If you look closely, you'll notice that the next video actually grows out of the middle of the slide. I want it to grow out of the center of the computer screen that you can see in the first slide.

As for the fade-to-black part, it works great! A neat sly little workaround. I love it! 

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