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Mar 09, 2018

Hi all, 

For gamification purpose I would like to personalize images according to certain variables (for example result of a quiz) - for example give one stars for every 25 points gained in quiz. How could this be done? Thanks.

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Roddy Munro

I'd probably use one image with multiple states for this. so one state shows no stars, the next state 1 star, and so on.  then a change state trigger which would change the state based on the quiz result variable.


So change state of stars image to 0 stars if quizresult is between 0 and 24

then another variable

Change state of stars image to 1 stars if quizresult is between 25 and 49


hope this makes sense!


David Tait

Hi Pollux,

I have attached a SL360 file that has five questions in it. Each question has 20 points associated with a correct answer.

Each time a user answers correctly the Correct feedback layer opens and 20 points are added to a variable called 'score'.

The final slide displays the results. On this slide there is also an image that has five states, showing 1-5 stars. When this slide loads there is a trigger that tells the image to display a particular state depending on the Score.

Have a look at the file, see if it and my explanation above help but if you have any questions please let me know and I'll try my best to help.

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