Translation export to word includes duplicated slides

Nov 08, 2021

Hi, I'm trying to export one of my Storyline courses to Word for translations and am running into an issue where multiple slides are repeating throughout the translation document even though the slide itself doesn't have layers or states or anything else that I would guess might cause this. I've tried exporting with the regular and legacy output options and experience the same error, however the duplicated slides are different with each export method.  Is there anything I can do to ensure an accurate export? Also would removing the duplicated rows impact my ability to import the translated file back into Storyline correctly?

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Daniela Slater


This happened to me also and I have submitted to Support just now.  I can seem to get rid of it in Accessibility. It keeps showing up in the export. I provided a word document with screenshots.

It has caused havoc with Translations and us causing the word count to be high and a delay in returning the translated copy and our launch date.


Daniela Slater

When I look at Focus Order, I see on the left side the text under Shape showing but nothing under the Alternate Text column. When I check the Export document, it shows as alt txt. When I check Accessibility, it shows it and even deselecting the Alt Txt checkmark, it still appear in the Export??  It would not let me remove the text in the Accessibility "Alternate text" field so right now I have to put a period (.) so the text doesn't appear as alt txt in Export.  This happens on select pages and questions only. Why?