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Sep 01, 2017

I am recommending to my client to  use the built-in translation tool.  I am finding in some simple tests that the import is failing on some slides.  The exported Word doc appears to be fine.  But when I do some test translating from Google Translate into the Word doc, what happens is that text fields will return empty with no text - neither the original English or the translated text.  This seems sporadic in that some fields are successfully translated and some are wiped out. 

I'd like to get some stability in this process before working through it (15 languages!!) with the client.  Has anyone had similar experiences?  Did you ever come up with an explanation of what worked and what broke the tool??


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Charles Zoffuto


This feature work very well in SL2. I translated 12 modules into 5 languages. After upgrading to SL3 I observed the same issue you described. 

I have noted a number of other issues including the Find (and Replace) feature sporadically not finding words. 

Please report this issue and any others via the link below. 

Crystal Horn

Hello Marc and Charles!  

  • Can you both confirm which version of Storyline you're using?  If you go to the Help tab > About Storyline, you'll see a version number in that window.
  • Also, what is the font that you're using in your project?

I'd like to grab that information so that I can match it to a known issue we have with translation.  I'm adding this discussion to our reports so that we can keep you updated on any changes, as well.

Thanks for speaking up!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

A quick update, a fix for the issue where random text missing when importing translated .doc file (Word document with reference column) is now also included in the latest update for Storyline 3. Updates are free for Storyline 3 licensees and you can download the latest update here. You can also view the entire list of Release notes for Storyline 3 here. 

Please let us know if you have any questions! 

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