Trigger in Master Slide will not work unless I replay the slide.

Nov 15, 2019

For accessibility reasons, we are creating a JavaScript trigger in the Master Slide where the user presses Alt+ P to play or pause the timeline.

The trigger works on the first slide of my test .story in Review 360 but when I click on next to go to the second slide, the trigger doesn't work unless I replay / reload the slide.

Can anyone help me?

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Jeff Forrer

This is interesting.  I tried the same thing using a keypress in Storyline vs. Java to pause/play the slide (via the slide master, can get to work if put keypress on every slide which is not ideal). 

I noticed whatever I did, the same result.  Would work on the first slide, then after that, only works after Replay/Reload of the second slide and beyond.  Can't get it to work initially on a slide past slide 1.

I tried setting a var as well to see if that would help and it did not.

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