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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to help a colleague.  Our organization had hired someone to develop a project using Storyline.  Part of the issue we are having is that some triggers are not working. 

The person created text boxes where every bullet is a trigger to display a layer.  In one section, only 3 of 5 triggers work although they are all configured properly.

Is there a limit to the number of triggers on a slide?  Is there a reason the triggers would not work even though they are setup the same way as all the other triggers?   Any help would be much appreciated.



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Tom Seguin

Thanks Michael,

Here is the slide causing the problem.   The problem is with the bullets under Performance Management process.  If you click on the Process layer, you will see the 5 triggers but the second and last bullets (triggers) are not displaying the layer they are suppose to. 



Michael Hinze

Tom, normally I would have rebuild the textbox to turn the five points into a true bulleted list and then redo the links. But I didn't want to 'break' your setup. So, as a workaround for the two bullet points that are longer than one line, I added a transparent object that shows the grey hover state for the text and on click shows the correct layer. Also, I redid the link on the second bullet. This seems to work for me, have a look.