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Feb 22, 2018

I'm sure people out there have done this a thousand times but this is my first request.  I have a dashboard slide with 3 links to slides that, after a video finishes, returns to the dashboard slide.  Once the user watches all three slides, instead of it returning to the dashboard, I want it to go to the completion slide.  How do I make this happen?  I tried using the state changing to visited for all three but that made it just to the completion slide before they watched the third video (since the state changes as soon as it's clicked).

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I would use 3 true false variables, one for each slide to be viewed.  Change the variable from false to true whenever they have done what you want on that slide.

From there you have a couple options when they link back to the menu slide.  You can change the state of the menu item to show completion with a trigger that said change state when timeline start with a condition if variable = true.  Make a trigger for each menu item.  You can then make a trigger that says jump to completion slide when timeline starts if all variables = true.

If you are unsure of variables happy to help with this.  I use it all the time.


Walt Hamilton

It's somewhat a tenuous proposition to go to other slides/layers, and expect to come back and find the visited state always working correctly. (It seems to work fine for visiting layers on one slide.) A lot of us rely on using a custom state (like "Saved" or "Completed". You would set the dashboard slide to reset to initial state, and set the clickable items to completed state when the timeline starts if the appropriate variable is True.

Another thought to consider is at the end of each branch, set the variable to True, then if all the variables are true, jump to the Completion slide, and if not jump to the dashboard slide.

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