Trouble with Triggers

Apr 10, 2019

Hello!  I need some help with triggers.  I have a course with 4 lessons. I'm using a dashboard I got from eLearning Heroes download page. It keeps track of user progress through a course. The problem I'm having is that the final check mark that's supposed to show up next to the final lesson is not appearing. It's set to be change state to normal when the last slide in that lesson is visited, so that the learner returns to the dashboard when finished and should see 100% on the completion wheel and all four lessons with checkmarks next to them. All the other checkmarks on the dashboard have the same trigger for their respective final slides and they work fine. Just this last one won't.

I'm attaching the file. This is Storyline 3, latest version. Any help would be appreciated. I'm obviously missing something obvious.

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Jeffrey W. Har

Hi Carolyn,

Nice work by the way.

I think the problem is that you can't reach 8.11, the CONTINUE on the CORRECT slide points to 9.11.

So the AmountComplete is +1, but the Lesson4Visited doesn't change to true. Hopefully pointing the the trigger on the CONTINUE button to slide 8.11 should solve the problem.

Also I would look to change the way the state oval is done, if a learner goes through a single module more than once, the AMOUNTCOMPLETE will keep adding 1. i.e A user goes through 1 Opening a Word Doc twice, they get a Module Complete of 50%.

Lesson 4

Jeffrey W. Har

Hi Carolyn,

I'm glad that I could help you out.

I've had a think about the oval.

Here's what I would do:

On the last slide of the section.

1. Remove the Add 1.00 to AmountComplete from Arrow Button2.

2. Put the Add 1.00  to AmountComplete as a slide trigger, this needs to be above the Set Lesson1Visited equal to True, so that it triggers first on the slide.

(Slide trigger order is important, if Set Lesson1Visited equal to True was first, then Add 1.00 to AmountComplete wouldn't trigger because the Lesson1Visited has changed to True already).

3. In the slide trigger, add a condition that Add 1.00 to AmountComplete is triggered if Lesson1Visited==Equal to False

(This means if the user goes through again, the variable Lesson1Visited is already True, and won't trigger Add 1.00 to AmountComplete).


Let me know if this doesn't make sense and I'll try and help you out a bit further.



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