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Mar 01, 2022

Hi, I would like the user to visit all 4 transparent shapes on the slide before advancing to the next slide. Currently I've made 4 corresponding layers which should each play the corresponding video. I've made a trigger on the base layer to go to next slide when the state of all 4 shapes is Visited.

The issue I'm running into is that whichever shape is clicked 4th (last), instead of playing its corresponding video, it jumps to the next slide. What trigger should I be setting up so that all 4 layers/media must play before the user can move to the next slide?

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Center for Educational Innovation University of Minnesota

You could give each shape a true/false variable. When a shape is clicked it goes true. When a shape is clicked it checks to see if all shapes are true.  If all are true then state of next button is normal (assuming you disabled when timeline starts). Or if you prefer to advance automatically, check if all are true and if so, jump to next slide when media completes.

Walt Hamilton

The problem is that the object state turns to Visited as soon as it is clicked, and that causes the jump to the next slide. Perhaps the simplest solution is to write a trigger for each layer: Jump to next slide when media completes IF the state of each button is visited, That prevents the jump from happening prematurely, and allows the learner to visit the layers in any order.

Guest User

Thank you so much! This looks to have worked.

So on my base layer I have the "show layer w, x, y, z" when user clicks a,b,c,d

then on each layer I have "play video when the timeline starts on this layer"

and finally the new trigger per layer as you mentioned.  Anything else needed besides the standard swipe for previous slide?