Trigger Wizard Question/Problem! Help!

Hi, I have set up a trigger that states that when I click outside of my object the state should return to Normal, however the trigger is not behaving properly. Sometimes if I click another object or somewhere else outside of my original object, my original object is still highlighted along with the new object that I've selected. Sometimes the trigger works in the preview and sometimes it doesn't. Is this a glitch? Help!

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Aidreen Hart

Just figured it out. We had to create a new trigger, because just creating the trigger to click outside of the button was not enough. We had to create a trigger that said return to a Normal state when any of the other buttons were selected. Thanks for replying and being so willing to help! I really appreciate this forum! 

Paul Bradford

HELP!! I know this is an old forum but I have been searching for something akin to my issue and this is the closest I have come. For no apparent reason, when I enter a value into a text field and make a comparison against the variable, it is failing even though it is exactly what it should be. I have deleted and re-added triggers countless times. I have blown out slides and recreated them and I am still getting the same errors. I have reached a frustration point that is unexplainable. Please any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

Walt Hamilton

I took a look at slide 5.6 Voucher. I put in the incorrect ID, and a correct one, and they both worked like the triggers were set. The incorrect one got me the Vendor Hint layer, and when I corrected the ID, I got the Voucher filed. I did notice, though that there is no trigger to hide the Voucher Field.

There are a lot of slides in those two scenes. Which ones are giving you trouble? Which text fields and triggers aren't working?

Paul Bradford

First of all, thank you so much for your quick response! The issue I was/am
having is that no matter what entry I make to any of the variable compare
fields, it triggers the hint layer. I fiddled with them and now no matter
what I enter the process of comparing the entry appears to fail; the screen
does not change after I make an entry. It is surprising to me that you are
not getting the same issue. When I was building the project I did not get
that issue; it just started. That is why I was so frustrated. I guess if
you are not having the issue it must be something much deeper than the
trigger. I will keep digging. Thank you!!