Trigger works on my machine but not on clients


Has anyone come across a problem where a trigger (change state of a button to normal when variable changes) works fine on my authoring machine and on another machine in Review but not on my client's machine when I send him the review link. I have tested the Review link on different machines (Mac and Windows) and browsers (Firefox and Chrome) and for me, it works fine every time. 

Any ideas?



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Michael O'Sullivan

Hi (again)

The client has been doing more testing on the individual slide in this section (there are 8 sections in the course and the other seem to be unaffected) and the trigger problem crops up at different points in the slide - there are 9 variables in the slide and they all work fine for me - help!

Phil Mayor

Never seen a machine-specific trigger issue if you are both running the same version (i.e html5 vs Flash)), my guess would be one of two things:

They are running the flash version or an unsupported browser

that they are going a route that that is different to what you intended. Are they using menu to navigate, when you need them to use the slide navigation or next button. Try and get on a screen share with the client to see what they are doing.

Michael O'Sullivan

Thanks Phil, - he is running Chrome and similar triggers work fine on other sections and in a similar configuration - the client is using as intended, we have had a screen share and when he uses it, it just freezes at random times. I am reworking the section to work around the problem as we need the course soon - I just wondered if anyone had come across anything similar- thanks for responding - it is a mystery.