Trigger zone whitout changing the mouse pointer to hand pointer ?

Mar 07, 2015


I want to create an exercice when the user must click on a part of a picture to jump to the next slide (like an hot spot question) but I don't want to have the send button.

That's why, I added a trigger using an interactive object like an "invisible" button (with no fill, no border color).

That works !

However when the mouse is over the button the mouse pointer becomes a hand pointer. So it is easy to find the right zone to be clicked.

Is there any solution to force the mouse pointer to not change its shape ?

Or is there any other methods to create this type of exercice ?

Thanks for help.

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Ricky Nox

I found a solution. This is not exactly want I need (I want no hand pointer) but it could be acceptable.

I create 2 triggers a large and a small.

The large one is over all the picture but has no jump action.

The small one is on the zone to be clicked and has a jump action to next slide.

So when the mouse is moved on the picture it has always an hand pointer .


It works, however any other solutions are welcomed.





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