Triggered Slide Jump Dissapears

Jan 27, 2014

Hello All,

Using Storyline 4:1311.1422, I noticed some odd behavior when I used a triggered slide jump.  If you are reading this, please try to confirm that this is happening with your version of Storyline.  If I can get a third part to confirm, I will submit it to the Support Team.

  • Open Storyline, create a new Story
  • Add content slides (at least two
  • Add a trigger to the first slide.  Set it to jump to slide 2 when the timeline ends
  • Now go to the Slide Properties by click the small gear icon (lower right corner of the workspace, above "dim non-selected layers")
  • Uncheck the box beside the word NEXT and watch your trigger dissapear.
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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Pedro:

I played along and followed the steps above. In my case, the old/default trigger (jump to NEXT slide when user clicks NEXT) disappears, but the trigger I created (and really, the only one I want) remains.

Do you want the slide to advance automatically OR by user clicking next? If so, don't uncheck NEXT under the layer properties. Sorry if I'm not quite understanding what you want. --Daniel

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