Triggers for hiding Next Button Not working

Nov 06, 2015

I am using Storyline 2. I am trying to set the slides to hide the Next button until the media completes. This works fine for slides that have no layers.

For slides that have layers, when I add in the conditions that the audio on the layers must also complete, it does not work. Meaning the Next button, never shows. Please see attached images and file, slide 2.3

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Michael Gallagher

HI Melissa,

I think the problem is that you have the state of the NEXT button changing based on the main layer audio being complete and adding the conditions that the layered audio files also be complete. When the page runs, it runs that script attached to "Audio 2" (main layer audio) and checks the condition of the other audio clips. Since you haven't viewed the other layers yet, the trigger decides that based on the conditions, DON''T change the state of NEXT.

Basically, once the main timeline ends, the trigers and conditions are run and then they end. Those conditions don't get run again, so it never rechecks the Trigger. I know this sounds confusing. What I do in situations where I have layers and want the NEXT button to change state after they are viewed I do the following:

1. Create an object (smiley face for example) for each layer you have. Name them "smiley 1, smiley 2, etc. Place them all on the main layer and set there initial state to "Hidden"

2. On each layer, change the state of each smiley face to normal either when the timeline ends or when you "X" button appears.

3. On the main layer add the Trigger "Change state of" - Next Button  - to state Normal -  When State - All of - Select all Smileys - Are Normal. See attached.

The reason this approach works is because changing the state of something based on the state of other objects means that Storyline is re-running that trigger constantly as the page is open. This is sometimes refered to as a "Listening Event"

I created a scene in your course labeled "example". I created a scene in your course labeled "example". Look at the slide in there with the smiley approach.

If you need additional help, PM me.


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