Triggers not working on a copied layer

Jun 01, 2020

Hello, I am creating a template for a Polaroid Activity. I got my A1 layer triggers working, but when I duplicate the A1 layer, the triggers for the state changes don't work when the user drags the object left or right. Why will it work on the A1 layer, but not on a duplicate copy of layer A1 if everything is exactly the same?

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Sarah Hodge

Hi Maggie! I really like your version! Nice work! I took a look at your file. I'm not quite sure why the layers aren't behaving the same when duplicated. In my version, I separated out the different slides for each question and answer. I edited your story file to do the same by copying and pasting your layers onto new slides and it works fine now. Here is your updated file in case you want to use that version. I hope that helps! 

Maggie Merino

Sarah, Thank you so much for your quick reply. I had thought about separating into slides, but wanted to keep it all on one slide using layers. It just didn't make sense why the triggers didn't work, glad it wasn't something I was doing wrong. I will keep each question on separate slides since it works this way. :)

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