Triggers Window content 'squishes' and overlaps its self

Jan 10, 2019

The triggers window contents squeezes together and becomes hard if not impossible to read. It fixes itself if I resize the trigger window, but as soon as I add or edit anything it squeezes down again. Very annoying and I have to do this constantly because my shows are quite trigger happy (I made a funny).  Does this happen to anyone else. I could not find it in the forums. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brent and Andrea,

I'm genuinely sorry that this odd behavior continues to plague your work! Our team has been working to replicate it, and we've seen minimal examples, although it's been demonstrated in Peek recordings from customers. Have you noticed any steps or processes that consistently shows the jumbled triggers?

Also, in the examples where the team did reproduce the issue, it was on a specific customer file. If you have any to share with us, please upload directly to our Support Team. Your files are kept private, and we'll delete them once we're done troubleshooting. 

Brent Birdwell

I've got in on both of my computers.
With triggers already displayed in the trigger window, it seems to occur
when "inserting" a picture, video, or drawing a shape.

While dragging a shape to the size I want, the triggers all squish. When I
release the mouse to stop dragging the shape, the triggers unsquash to
normal. This recovery from squish seems to only occur when I resize a
shape upon initial drawing of the shape.

When inserting a video or picture, the triggers squish and remain squished
- until....
I drag the trigger window to a new size and then release the mouse from

Therefore, when the triggers are squished, I have to re-size the trigger
window every time I modify or add a trigger. This is the only way to
unsquash the trigger text.

I'll try to send a file if necessary.

Joe Shultheis

OMG....  It is back.   I just did the recent Update and now I am having the squished trigger window problems again.   So annoying.  If I switch between docking and undocking it goes away, but only until I do anything in the trigger window.  There does not seem to be any one reason for its occurrence, it just plain ole happens no matter what now.   I so wish I did not update now.  Is there a way to go backwards in versions?  However others where having this problem with the last version too, while I was not.   I thought I had gotten rid of the issue.  I am attaching a very simplified image of the issue showing only a couple over-lapping triggers. It really becomes terrible with a screen with many triggers. Please fix this, if I can help let me know.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Joe,

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know that you are still running into this issue.

This is one that we are still working on.

You can install a previous version if you feel that would work better for you. Here are the instructions.

Please note that our testing does not indicate it is related to a specific version though.

Chris Duerden


Just wanted to add my voice to this as I noticed you are tracking this conversation to measure user impact.

Apologies, don't have anything more to add about when/how it happens. Similar to other users, it happens on each interaction with the trigger window. Resizing the window fixes it until I use the triggers again. Will try a reinstall...

Joe Shultheis

Just for those suffering with this issue, as I seem to be again,  -  I found the simplest way to "unsquish" the trigger window is to click on the little variable icon on the top right of the trigger window then click cancel right away to the variable window that opens.   It takes only a couple seconds.  The trigger window then looks normal. However it does nothing to fix the problem.   -   just sharing what I found to be the fastest way to keep working.

Ren Gomez

Hi Bruce,

Sorry to hear that you’ve run into this issue as well, but thanks for reaching out to follow up.

It looks like we missed sharing an update in this discussion. The trigger panel fix was made in Storyline 360 during the last recent update. You can find all the details here. It will be included in the next update for Storyline 3.


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