Trouble Deploying SL360 to LMS

Sep 26, 2017

I have been struggling to get my first SL360 into our LMS (Success Factors).  I have published it every way from Sunday and get the same error.  I have attached a screenshot.

Our support staff on the LMS side can actually launch and play the course.  She sent us screenshots to prove it.  We, however, can not launch them. 

Does anyone have any idea what this error means and how change the publish settings to fix it?

I am working to get more support on this from the LMS side but I thought I'd ask the Articulate side too.

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Sandra Lowe

That wouldn't really help.  We need to test in the environment that users will be taking it in.  The error is in the published output and deployment.  The screenshot shows a manifest error of some kind that we are having trouble resolving.  We thinks it's in the publish process but can't figure it out.  These are my first 360 courses and if we can't get a resolution and make them function on our side of the LMS, then we may have to revert back to SL2 somehow.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Sandra

When you publish to LMS are you zipping from within the SL Publish window or are you zipping in Explorer - the former is the recommended process.

Michael makes a good point about testing in SCORMCloud as it will isolate if the error is with Storyline or a setting in your LMS that may need tweaking.

Sandra Lowe

I tried zipping the file myself from the publish window.  We still get an error.  "The parser could not validate the SCORM Import due to the folloing: Error on line 2: cvc-elt. 1: Cannot find the declaration of element 'manifest'.

This is a SCORM 2004 4th edition publish due to the level of reporting that the SME requires.

I will try the SCORM Cloud but I am also still hopeful that someone has seen this before.


Sandra Lowe

I also have someone at our LMS looking at this error and our zipped publish output to see if they can identify what it means.

As it seems an error in the published output, I may have to engage a deeper level of Articulate Support if the SCORM 2004 4th edition publish output isn't producing the proper imsmanifest data.

Sandra Lowe

Our LMS is having trouble with this as well.  I have republished again but using a fresh download of SL3 trial.  But it too produces the same manifest error when uploading to the LMS. 

The only thing I haven't tried is to publish in 360 but use SCORM 1.2 instead of 2004.  The client will lose their reporting capability but I can't think of anything else. 

It will be very disappointing, not to mention costly, if we have to back track to SL2. Because that's the only version that currently seems to be compatible with the Success Factors/Plateau LMS.

Sandra Lowe

The latest update on this is we are currently recommending that users open the courses in Chrome.  We also are talking to our internal IT department regarding IE.  We have also discovered some issues with the imsmanifest file when published.  Someone from our LMS vendor has actually reached out to Articulate with this information.

Sandra Lowe

I think I need to see that email again.  We wound up having to launch to users with instructions for launching the 360 versions in Chrome.  I think our IT dept is still looking but I am attempting keep this moving.  I tried again this morning and it would not lunch in IE.  Our LMS contact has actually shared some findings back to Articulate regarding extra characters appearing in the published imsmanifest.  As of today though, SL360 will not launch in IE.  As IE is our company's standard, I have returned to SL2 until we find a resolution.

Russell Engoran

Do this after you publish to scorm 2004.

Try removing the extra characters (i.e. all the instances of "&#xA") in your imsmanifest.xml file. You could open the file in notepad and do a cancel replace, and replace it with nothing.

Those characters are the HTML encoding for "a line feed", which has no place in the manifest (articulate folks, please fix this).

SCORM cloud is smart enough to ignore it, but not all LMS's know to do that and thus it throws off the validation.

I hope that makes sense and helps you.


Sandra Lowe

I have indeed tried this and it still won't launch in IE.  I have even tested the course in SCORM cloud and there are no issues there either.  I have open tickets with Articulate, our LMS, and our internal IT to troubleshoot.  So far we are coming up blank.  My only recourse until a fix is found is to return to SL2. 

Sandra Lowe

An update and possible answer!  With Articulate 360 update 11, the meta code necessary in both index files is included.  In addition, through trial and error, in order for the courses built in 360 to display in IE11, the publish setting must be flash with html5 fallback.  A blank screen is all that's delivered to the browser if you publish to html5 with flash fallback.

As a company that still uses IE and still has a requirement to be flash compliant, I have to publish to flash first.  As users' equipment slowly upgrades over time, we maybe able to switch.  For now, Flash first. 

After having an Articulate 360 subscription for 11 months, I can finally begin using it.

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