Trouble getting SCORM to report correctly

Aug 20, 2019

Greetings all,

For some reason, I'm having problems getting my project to correctly report completion results to the LMS. Current, I'm testing with SCORM Cloud to make sure the test score is correct and the completion status is also set correctly. However, SCORM Cloud is telling me I have 100% on the score, but it is showing the course as "Incomplete" and Success as "Unknown" (see attachment).

I have also attached screen shots from the Storyline 2 publish dialog windows.

The only thing I'm not sure of is if the Results slide must actually be displayed for the completion to be set (currently, the results slide is branched around because I don't want it shown). But then, the 100% score is transferring without the results slide being touched.

Anyone have any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

THANKS and cheers,



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Brian Allen

Russ, you definitely need to show the results page, as it holds all of the triggers that send your data to the LMS.

You can easily disguise your results page by choosing the "blank" results page option, then using it as your last or second to last slide in your course. Add congratulatory remarks, an exit course button or something along those lines.

PJ Connolly
Joseph Francis

I change the duration the results slide is displayed to 1/4 second. I send all the course tracking data when the timeline starts, and fire an exit when the timeline ends.

Hey Joseph, you say above "send all the course tracking data when the timeline starts". I'm having an issue where I'm getting course completions but the test scores aren't feeding through??

When I'm publishing to SCORM, am adding in tracking on the results slide(s)...

Please help if you can, or anyone else?

Joseph Francis

When I return score data to the LMS, I intentionally do NOT use the functionality of a Results slide to do it; I instead rely on Javascript to send the results. I create a new Storyline variable, numUserScore, and use a trigger to set it to the built-in Storyline variable Results.ScorePercent:

Set numUserScore to variable Results.ScorePercent
When the timeline starts on this slide

Next, I execute Javascript (again, when the timeline starts), with the following code snippet:

var numUserScore = player.GetVar("numUserScore");
lmsAPI.SetScore(numUserScore, 100, 0);

This functionality gives me quite a bit of flexibility (not displayed here), including the ability to first retrieve the learner's current score on the LMS and updating it only if the new score is higher. Conversely, I can also preserve the existing score on the LMS if the assessment score is lower (note, not displayed here).

Depending on the score, I can also (in the same Javascript, not displayed here) return a Status of either "Completed" or "Incomplete."