Trouble Opening Storyline Template files

Dec 27, 2022

Hi Articulate Fam, 

I'm having the hardest time trying to open template files. I can open, edit, and create from scratch all Storyline project files, no issues whatsoever. But opening a Storyline "template" file is a whole other thing. Every time I open a template file, my Storyline app crashes. Any ideas why this may be happening? Others on my team are able to open template files and "save as" with other names. I've tried all the level 1 troubleshooting tasks: restart, uninstall and reinstall, I've even raised a ticket but haven't heard anything on the topic from the support team. I'm sure the holiday schedule probably means thinner coverage, but I NEED help please :) Hoping someone here might see this or have dealt with something similar? Thanks! 

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