Trouble to move fordward in a slide with a video

Sep 13, 2016

Hi, Heroes!

I'm a begginner with Storyline and I don't know how to solve this problem:

I've inserted a mp4 video of 7 minutes duration in a slide with the following options:

  • Show video controls>Below video
  • Play video>when clicked

I  allow user to jump to next slide when they click on Next button. I want to leave the user to decide to watch or not the video.

The trouble is that when the user doesn't want to watch the video or when they want to stop and skip it after started, the next button doesn't work (it's blocked).  It seems that it's mandatory to play and watch the video completely to be allowed to jump to the next slide.

How can I solve it? Some idea?

Thank you so much!


Sònia Solbes-Godina



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Sonia

sounds like you may have your menu set to restricted...this means the next button won't be available to be clicked until the timeline ends.

see if this tutorial helps

go to the section restricting navigation


Sònia Solbes-Godina

Hi Wendy!

Thanks for your quick answer.
The navigation of the project has to be "restricted" for our purposes: the user has to go through every slide in the right order, but doesn't matter if it takes more or less time. In the rest of the project is possible to go to the next slide always.
How can I do the same with the video?
Thanks again!

Sònia Solbes-Godina
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Sònia Solbes-Godina

Unfortunately, it doesn't work.
When the timeline is reduced, then the duration of the video is limited to this length.
If I reduced to 2 seconds, as a consequence the video is showed for only for 2 seconds. I suppose that the timeline of the slide has to be at least the same of the length of the video.
The question is if there is a way to allow user to choose between watching or skipping the video and continue with the sequence of slides.
More ideas?


Sònia Solbes-Godina

Hi, heroes!

After doing many trials...Eureka! I got it!

I want to share with you what was the solution I found. I hope it will help someone else. 

  1. Create a button in the base layer. 
  2. Add a layer to the slide.
  3. Create a trigger in the button to go to the new layer.
  4. Insert the video in the new layer and create a button for hiding the layer. The timeline will be all the length of the video (7 minuts)
  5. Move the timeline in the base layer to 1 sec.

So, if you click on the button, the layer with the video is launched. You can play/stop the video freely and skip it at any moment. Coming back to the base layer you can continue with the sequence of "restricted" slides advance. If someone doesn't want to watch the video, they can continue witout launching it from the base layer of the slide.


Thank you so much for your support!!!

Sònia Solbes-Godina


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