Trouble with a Slider Interaction

I've built a slider interaction but am having some difficulties getting it to work properly.   I've attached this interaction for reference.

If I keep my finger pressed down on the mouse, I can slide up and down the slider and it responds correctly.   However, if I scroll down and then back to the top, stopping at the "Home/Available Reports" spot and take my finger off the mouse, when I try scrolling through the interaction again none of the descriptive text pops up for each of the other slider spots.   Hopefully I described this OK. 


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Brian Allen

Agreed, the real-time layer is the issue here.  

You can get rid of the real time layer and add triggers to hide the other slide layers IF your slide6 variable = 1, and the result will be going back to your base slide layer when the slider is at the top position.

I've updated your .story file and attached it here.