Trouble with insterting video from DVD

Jul 27, 2012

Hello! I am having a lot of trouble inserting a video from an existing DVD we have. It is a Safety DVD and we want to be able to put it on Storyline so we can track when people watch it and add a quiz. I am having issues getting it onto storyline.

The videography who created the DVDs for us said he couldn't convert it over to MPEG. I tried having our marketing department convert it to another file type but they couldn't get it to work either.

Finally I decided to just play the DVD on my laptop and record my screen as it played. I then planned on inserting the recorded screen onto a slide. The sound is terrific but for some reason the video is black. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Elyse Schwieterman

Hmm I attached the file and it is showing up on my end, does it not say that it is attached for you? I'll try attahing it again. If it doesn't work let me know and I can e-mail it to you.

I just put the DVD into my computer and then it automatically pops up to windows media player. I then recorded my screen with articulateby simply going to "insert" -- "record screen"

Elyse Schwieterman

Well it seems strange, but I think just by adjusting the screen recording frame. Last week when I tried it I had the frame pretty small and zoomed in on only the video. Today I kept the frame at the regular size and recorded my screen. Then afterwards I cropped the video. Not sure if this was the fix or if re-starting my computer was the fix, but either way both video and sound showed up this time.

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