Trouble with iPad Text Input

I have a course that will primarily be accessed via an iPad. I have text input boxes that the learners can use to add notes. I've noticed that these seem to work fine at first glance, but when trying to edit the text, there does not seem to be a way to move the cursor and the only option is to delete everything and type everything again. This seems to be happening in both the iPad's Chrome and Safari browsers.

Further, trying to tap into the textbox causes further odd behavior in that the keyboard will sometimes stay open, but input will not display in the text box. Attempting to use the keyboard gestures to utilize the keyboard as a virtual trackpad (as discussed here) only selects text and doesn't give an option to place the cursor or edit the selected text.

After attempting to troubleshoot the full course, I created a new blank course with just the text box and found that the issue persists. That is the file that I've uploaded for review. Again, this only seems to happen with an iPad and the default keyboard. A Bluetooth keyboard doesn't have this issue.

Has anybody else had this issue and/or know how to resolve this?

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Cliff Porter

I too have the same issue. I created a course with text box entries. Users add answers and are able to come back and edit them at a later date. All works fine with a computer, mouse and keyboard (Windows 10) ut when using an iPad (iOS 15.2) users are unable to re-position the cursor in the text box. It defaults to the beginning of the text and cannot be moved. Tapping onto the text to position the cursor does not work, nor does using the 'virtual trackpad' mode.

I noticed this problem when trying to update the courses using the latest release of Storyline 3 (Dec 2021). It was not a problem when I created the course (back in 2019). The cursor could be positioned as it should be. I assume the change in functionality is something to do with updates in iOS / SL3 in the intervening two years.

I found a 'work-around'.

I went back to the SL3 version I used in 2019 to make the originals and used that to make some styling changes and republished the courses. This works ok but it is obviously not a permananet solution.

Could the Articulate  technical folks look into this problem please?