Trouble with triggers - when media completes

Feb 01, 2018

Hi folks, anyone else having trouble with triggers set to play when media completes since the last update earlier today? 

Seems like it's just not registering as completed, so not triggering for me. 

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Allan House


Hi Paul,

Works here in one format (had to use some kittens):

but not in CD or preview version of the same thing. That is really odd. Nor does it work with jump to next slide. That explains the remaining problems I've been having (thanks HEAPS for point this out, saves me redoing all my slides, if this will get fixed).

Here is yours working on upload to 360, but doesn't work on preview, or CD version for me.

I've attached my kittens trial too in .story format, as the see,see,see,see etc gave me a headache. 

Looks like it is only 50% functional, but compared to before the most recent update, a big improvement (0% to 50 % = better (OK fine 33% improvement), plus now I know it's not my file that is corrupted (very very (5 months of very) happy about that)). 

I'll add your comment to my support ticket when Lea comes back with confirmation of the other fixes if that helps.  

She has been pretty good thus far, you might want to talk to the support team too if you have time pressure on. I was surprised that so much got sorted in 36 hours once I made contact.  


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Allan for that update, and it looks like your case with Lea is marked as resolved based on the hot fix that was released last week?

I do see another couple of issues that our team is looking into a fix for, so please let us know if you've come across something else or are still struggling with something in this recent update! You can reach our Support Engineers here directly, and they're available 24/7! 

Allan House

Hi Ashley,

See the Kittens.Story above. It does not work. The triggers are pretty simple, I kept them that way as a test. It doesn't go when published to CD/used in preview, but works when uploaded to the web. Nothing complicated, just doesn't work in some modes. I've found this in all my project, generally jump to slide and show layer  when media completes are misbehaving/inconsistent/just plain not working.

The last update fixed enough of the flaws that it doesn't get in the way of doing work, so I'm hanging out for a fix for this. I'll let Lea know there are still problems there.  

Pia Schneider

"When Media Completes" trigger doesn't work for me either. It worked in another build and it actually worked in that new build, too - until today, when I changed the content of some audio files (text-to-speech tool) the trigger doesn't want to trigger any more...

+++ EDIT

Sorry, seems to work, when I preview the whole scene and not only the slide... it would be perfect, if it works in every kind of preview.

Katie Riggio

Hi folks!

I’m excited to let you know that we just released another update for Articulate 360, and you can check out the new features and fixes in the release notes

One of the fixes addresses an issue in Storyline 360 where the 'when-the-media-completes' trigger did not work in Preview.

Here’s how you can update Storyline 360 to take advantage of everything the latest release has to offer. Let us know how you make out!

Lisa Anderson

I've figured out a work around and there's the possibility I will be laughing at myself, if what I figured out has been the known solution all along! 

I was trying to have a variable adjusted, when a media completed, then have the collective variables adjusted the same way, show a layer, when all were "true". Did not work. I tried other variations to have an off screen object's state change when the media complete (the state did change), then when the state changed, adjust the variable, then show the layer. Did not work.

Final solution. change the state of off screen object(s) when media completes, then when collective off screen objects all had the same state change, show the layer. This works!

It was mentioned earlier in this post trail to use off screen objects, and I did, but not in a successful way until this method.

Adjusting variables when the media completes, not an option. Hopefully, this will help someone who attempts to pursue this option.

Happy Developing!


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