Trouble with variables again...

May 04, 2012

I suck at this right now.  Please take a look and tell me why the Finish layer is not triggering!  I ahve tried several ways.  I do not want it to trigger until all layers have been played (I have tried not adding to the variable(s) until the timeline ends for each).  Nothing is working.  This is supposed to be done by eob (4:30) but I am not having any luck.

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Greg Damron

Hi Celeste,

It looks like you may have missed adding the trigger to increment your layer count when the ESHS object is clicked, so it may be that you aren't reaching the correct total on layercount.

With that in place there may still be a difficulty with the finished layer wanting to play at the same time as the last layer selected. If this happens, i think you can get around it by removing the trigger to display the finished layer from the base slide and copying it to each of the slide layers when the timeline ends

show layer finished

when timeline ends

if layercount = 9

then no matter which slide is selected last , the finished layer will play directly after

I hope this is of help, and is in time for your deadline! (you didn't mention timezone)

Phil Mayor

You would have been much better using visited state on this, I would have done a check on each layer close, to show this layer if all = visited.

Using variables on this is a bit overkill, and if you had used T/F variable you would not have needed the layer count.

I would also add you dont need a trigger to change state to visited this is automatic.  Click a shape and if it has a visited state it is set.

My general rule for tracking is.

If you are tracking using a single slide use states, if you are tracking over a series of slide use variables.

Early on in the demo Arlyn reccommended using states where possible.

Greg Damron

Good call on switching to transparent shapes it will definitely simplify things, but it may mean a little rework to redo some of the hotspot shapes and she mentioned being under a tight deadline.

Choosing the right click option to save the hot spot as a picture (.png) might be of help, and then reinserting would help to preserve some of the custom hot spot shapes and save some time (and as a picture it can now be set as transparent and make use of states).

Celestial Holmes

I used shapes and offset them to the side of the screen.  Used change state of.  Still not working.  I don't want the state to change until the timeline of the corresponding layer ends.  If not, it will trigger the Finished layer to play before they can hear the information on the last layer they seleced.

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Tex,

What slide are you having trouble with? Is it the Bacteria slide? Can you say a little more about what behavior you're wanting to create? Do you just want the buttons on the Bacteria slide to show in their "Completed" state once the learner has visited the corresponding layer? Or is there some other requirement you want learners to meet before the tab buttons switch to their "Completed" state?

Tex Hale

Hi Jeanette

Here's the thing ... I want the learner to visit all buttons before moving on.  When they click the Next button they would not be able to.

I was hoping that 1st button would show it's Completed state when 2nd button is clicked and so on .. ..

When the 6th button is clicked and content read, the learner then clicks the Next button to move onto next slide.  If they try to click Next button before all layers are seen, then there would a pop up alert to tell them they cannot move until all layers have been viewed.

Sorry for the confusion, but I tried various connotations and got myself into a real tizzy.

How would you set up something like this?  I thought using layers was an easier option but the same scenario having buttons linking to scenes worked really well.

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Tex - Thanks for that info. I've attached a slightly modified version of your file that I think will give you the behavior you want, but here are some considerations & further details that you should know:

If you would prefer to use the other (simpler) method I mention in the screencast & need help with that, let me know. 

Tex Hale

Thanks Jeanette - I knew you could sort it.  My original effort was the simpler method you mention but I didn't particularly like the tick on "selected" state and I couldn't understand why it did that, but now you've explained it.  The longer version does give me what I was trying to achieve though, so thanks for all your hard work.

Can I just say that I am totally hooked on SL and am always excited beginning a new project - I just wish we were given more time on each project to really get to grips with what SL can offer.  You and the team are amazing.  Thank you.

Ashley W

Phil Mayor said:

Use transparent shapes they can have states, it would have been much easier that way.

So, this is just my observation after a few months of using Storyline, but I can't quite see the point of using hotspots.  They don't really seem to work for much of anything, except saving you two seconds by having a trigger ready to go.

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