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Carrie Eaton

This trigger is asking for an audio file which I see when I place this on a slide. But when I place it on the master, I won't have a filename...that will be different on each slide. What's the trick to turn on/off whatever audio file is playing?

And good tip about assignment with t/f triggers!

Carrie Eaton

Thanks so much, Tom! I'm already using variables as I build a template for the menu system, so this all made sense. There are tabs across the bottom of the slide and when the learners click a tab, they see a number of topics that they can choose. And each choice has an icon with a state for not yet chosen, visited and complete. Rather than duplicate that navigation system on each tab, it made more sense to put in on the master, especially since there will be multiple courses using this nav system. 

I was surprised that what you've shown here worked because it's my understanding that the master slide re-draws each time a new slide displays, hence all the variables so I could set the button state every time the  screen re-draws. So I was pleasantly surprised that the audio started and stopped as soon as you clicked the  button...I'm assuming that's because you based it on the change in the variable so the screen didn't have to re-draw to react. I'm not sure that makes sense in words, but I think I get it!  ;-)

What I'm wondering after watching this demo is if it's worth bothering with the buttons to pause audio and the timeline on the master slide? Seems to me that since I have to put triggers on each slide that are based on the variable, I might as well just have two - pause and resume - on the slide. Your thoughts?

And one more thing....because I have a LOT of triggers on the master slide, I really like the idea of putting some of them on layers. Since there isn't a way to put comment lines in the list of triggers, it can get confusing to keep track of what they're doing. Having categories of triggers on separate layers would keep things organized so when I return to the course later for updates, etc. I can find my way back into the details more easily. I'm going to try that!

Thank you so much for taking the time to record the demo. It's easy to follow what you're doing when I can listen to your conversation as you work. As always, Articulate support is absolutely the best!!