Two courses in one - an update and the full course

Our staff complains if they have to take the full compliance course annually, so I want to create the update course in the beginning of the full course and if they pass the test after the update they are finished for the year.

However, if they fail the update course, it will tell them they failed and continue to the next slide to begin the full compliance course. 

I also need to track if they passed the first test as well as the second.

Is this possible?

We just updated to Storyline 2

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Joan

we have a client that has a similar setup...pre test they get one attempt and if passed has the result recorded and that's it. If they fail, pre test they are redirected back to start the content and they attempt the test at the end - they have unlimited attempts to pass (don't get me started on that one) then that is the result recorded.

 I think you would need JavaScript to pull both results into your LMS - I'm sure a superhero can help with that.  Good luck.

Matthew Bibby

Yes, this is definitely possible.

You can use this JavaScript to send a score of 100 and a 'completed'  message to the LMS when the learner reaches one of the final slides:

//get LMS API
var lmsAPI = parent;
//set score; the first number is the score
lmsAPI.SetScore(100, 100, 0);
//set status; possible values: "completed","incomplete", "failed", "passed"

Then you'd just need to figure out a way to track if they completed the update course or the main course. Depending on how your quizzes are set up, you may be able to tell by the different questions or alternatively you could pass the value of a variable to the LMS via this method.

Please let me know if you need clarification on any of the above.