Two iPad(HTML5) issues in Update 6

Aug 22, 2014

Hi everyone!

I have run into a couple iPad (HTML5) specific issues with Update 6. Most of my experience lately has been with Storyline Update 4. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced these, and found suitable workarounds:

1. In some interactions with custom quizzing, such as custom drag & drops, we have used "Jump to slide" to reload the interaction by jumping to the same slide again. This is paired with a variable to track the number of tries.

The problem is that jumping to the slide is causing a similar functionality to "review results". This causes the seekbar and next/back buttons to show up, and locks out all of the quiz functionality. This does not occur on PC (Flash), which resets the interaction correctly and allows for additional tries.

This pretty much ruins this type of interaction, and we will likely have to find a new way to set up these slides. Has anyone experienced this?

(Note: The reason for the "jump to slide" workaround is because Drag & Drop quizzes don't reset the placement of the draggable items on additional tries through normal Storyline quiz functionality)

2. The seekbar on slide layers does not progress while there is audio on the layer. Even trying to manually seek by clicking on the scrubber will result in the progress snapping back to the beginning.

Once again, this is iPad only. The seekbar works perfectly fine on the base layer, but additional slide layers are not working properly.

This is mostly a visual/functional issue for the seekbar, as the timeline and audio still plays correctly. I don't think this ever worked well on iPad, but it seems to have gotten worse. Are there any ways to improve this functionality on iPad (HTML5)?

- Matt

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Matt Leo

As an update, I have found one potential workaround for the first issue in my post (resetting drag & drops). It is not elegant, but accomplishes the goal of resetting the Drag & Drop screen.

Instead of having the slide "Jump to slide" to itself, it jumps to another "reroute" slide. Once the "reroute" slide loads, it jumps back to the slide on "timeline starts" using a variable to determine which slide to jump to.

This seems to bypass the "review" functionality that was occuring on iPad. The only issue is that you get a blank screen for a second when retrying the quiz. Still, I'd prefer a display issue over it not working at all.

If anyone has found better solutions for either of these issues, please let me know!

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