Typos in the Published Presentation

Jun 06, 2012

Hi!  I'm working with the trial version of Storyline and plan to buy the paid version once the time runs out.  I've encountered a problem where I create my presentation in Storyline and everything looks great, but when I publish it, there are strange characters/typos that appear throughout the presentation.  In fact, each time I update the presentation some of the typos change.  Has anyone encountered this?  Solutions are most welcomed!!

Many thanks,


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Jeanette Brooks

Thanks for posting that picture - is it possible that the text was pasted in from some other source, where some formatting was previously applied? If you copy the text into Notepad (which strips out the formatting) and then copy/paste it back in, does it display correctly when you preview/publish? If that doesn't solve the issue I'd suggest submitting a support case so that we can take a closer look at what might be happening.

Regarding text-to-voice, Storyline doesn't currently include a feature that will create audio files from your text, but that would make a great feature request!

Jessie Pincus

Hi Jeanette,

I'm actually working from a Notepad file (.txt) that has all of the text.  I'll try doing what you're saying here, but not sure if it will solve the problem. 

Does it make sense that the trial version doesn't display well?  I'll get back to you in the next day as I trouble-shoot the problem.

Many thanks and talk to you soon,


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